Search across 17 million lines of OCaml available on opam! NEW: also available for Coq with Sherlocoq!

The pattern is exact by default. Try [@@deriving or List.rev_append (List.rev for example.

The antislash \ provides support for regular expressions:

\. to match any single character: .(\.)
a\? to optionally match the character a: fold_left2\? ~f or type (\?!'
a\* to match zero or more times: 1_0\*
a\+ to match one or more times: >\+|
\(a\) to group a pattern: let\( rec\)\? fold_left
a\|b to match either a or b: match\|function
\[aA\] and ranges \[a-z\] to match a character from a set: (val \[A-Z\]\[a-z_0-9\]\*
\w is a shortcut for any alphanumeric character \[A-Za-z0-9_'\]. Try | \[A-Z\]\w\* : to search for GADTs!

The search will proceed on all .ml and .mli, stripped of their comments, on either the package release or the git repository where available.

(* Read the source, fork and contribute to art-w/sherlocode *)